Running Shaadi Movie Honest Review and Ratings – A Perfect Entertainer

A few days back the film was titled to be, but with dragging the makers to Bombay High Court with a resemblance to the name, the makers had to withdraw .com from their name. Finally, Running Shaadi released all over today and the movie can be termed as an average flick.

Running Shaadi Movie Review

Running Shaadi Movie Plot

Running Shaadi is about a Bihari Migrant to Punjab, Ram Bharose played by Amit Sadh. Ram along with his cyber intellectual partner Sarabjeet aka Cyberjeet and his ex-boss’ daughter Nimmi opens up a website named The website is made to help couples elope and get married. Yes, they are the wedding planners for the eloped couple in the town. But the turning point comes when there creates a romantic angle between Ram and Nimmi.


Performances – Brilliant work by Taapsee

Talking about the performances, Amit Sadh has been able to depict all expressions, be it funny, romantic or emotional very naturally. He definitely seems to grow up and would be noticed as a lead actor from this movie.  Nimmi played by Taapsee Pannu is a bold girl who does not shy away from doing what she wants to. This Punjabi girl has her voice and opinions. Talking about Cyberjeet played by Arsh Bajwa, he is a funny character. He worships Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. There are some funny situations created around him but some of them kind of looks to be forced upon.

Running Shaadi Performances

Technical Aspect of the Film

The movie plot yet interesting fail to keep audiences tight. The average screenplay and narration make it worse and by the second half, the movie seems to be a bit lagging. The movie is watchable only because of the three most important characters in the movie, Ram, Nimmi and Cyberjeet. There are chains of twisted plots in the movie but are not much very engrossing. There are too many dialects used in the second half of the film as well. The delay in getting the film produced for two long years might have hampered the movie as movies resembling the same type have been released in the past two years.


Final Words

Overall, Director Amit Roy’s first movie is engaging enough but not in the long run. The twisted plots and plot developments make you sit at what would be going next in the movie and how the movie would conclude. The music is not so great in the movie and is forgotten in no time.


Ratings 3/5

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